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Most profitable 6 weeks of the year

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Most musicians do not know there is a special six-week window of opportunity once every year that can easily be taken advantage of with the right steps. Unfortunately, this tends to be the norm for most independent musicians. Many are not aware of this fact and/or don’t give it much thought even after realizing this reality.

The reality is that about 20 percent of all annual music sales take place in the last six weeks of the year, during the holiday season, and the demand is consistent every year regardless of the economy. Internet-based holiday sales, in particular, continue to grow year after year and there are more opportunities becoming available daily for independent artists to collect a portion of these online consumer dollars.

For an independent artist to profit during this time of year they only need to simply put a little time and energy into creating annual holiday campaigns that can grow and gain momentum year after year. Thanksgiving, Christmas and Chanukkah come only once a year, and they are short-lived events. It’s easy to justify not putting much effort into the last 6 weeks of the year, however, based on the statistics, this would be a huge missed opportunity.

When approaching  holiday campaign, do not wait until the holidays are upon you to try and plan your strategy. The weeks leading up to these holidays are when an artist needs to begin rolling out promotions online via email marketing, social media and web site announcements. These offers need to entice the potential customer to visit your web store and take advantage of this short term holiday offer. The key to a successful campaign is know your audience, and knowing what is truly special to them. If you know this, than “make them an offer they cant refuse”. These offers can be a simple as a “holiday combo pack” or as extravagant as a limited “holiday” only collectors item. Use your imagination, and work within a budget. There are many plans and strategies that an artist could use, but, to do nothing is like winning a raffle and not being there to collect the prize. The prize is going to end up in the next guys hands.


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