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Steve Jobs 1955-2011 – What Now?

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I know I am considerably late on this, however I wanted to pay tribute to one of my lifelong heroes. It’s easy to forget just how much impact this guy had on the computer industry, the graphic design industry, the movie industry, the mobile communications industry, the the music industry, and the world in general. Lets leave the Mac computer out for a minute and just focus on the average person. Try to imagine a world without Toy Story, or Monsters Inc. Try to imagine your life without an iPod or an iPhone. We didn’t even know we needed Steve Jobs products until we consider the alternative… Life without them. Steve Jobs not only revolutionized many industries, but it seems to me that he often did if “over night” so to speak.  Moreover, because he did it in such a big way, these products will long outlive most of us.

Steve Jobs changed the way the game was played in so many industries that those same industries owe him big. He reinvented the way we communicate, the way we listen to, record and buy music. The computers he developed make it easy for us to connect, share ideas, and and be our own visionaries. Steve Jobs has inspired a generation. I hope that apple continues in his footsteps, and likewise continues to push the envelope of creativity and bring us the products that we don’t even know we need yet.

Thank you, Steve Jobs! you will be missed

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