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Your Facebook Marketing Sucks

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By Lena Martin

Anyone who has ever spent more than a few minutes surfing through Facebook will testify to just how addicting this social media website could be. If it’s not chatting with friends, it’s playing games; if it’s not sharing funny videos, it’s posting purposely vague and angst-ridden status updates. Whatever you are doing on the site, there is that possibility of spending hours and hours just clicking through everything that catches your eye, and because of this, many online and offline businesses make their own pages in hopes of bringing in the profit. However, if you are one of these business owners and are not seeing much improvement in sales and customer turnout, you are probably going to have to face the music. Your Facebook marketing sucks, and you have to do something about it.

Mistakes to Avoid

Bad timing

Internet traffic is pretty much the same as traffic on a highway in that there are peak times as well as down times. In this case, there are days of the week as well as times within the day that there is a high amount of content being posted and there are instances otherwise. Incidentally, though, one of the usual mistakes marketers commit is posting content in times when there would be least interaction, that is, right in the peak hours of Wednesday. However, the truth is that you would actually have the best chances during the off-hours of Saturdays and Sundays, because that is when customers are more likely to interact and when you’ll have less competition.


There are those who do not post as much content as they should be posting, andthen there are also the spammers. As interesting and as useful as your brand is, people will get tired of only seeing your posts in their news feeds, so try to regulate the content that you are releasing to your audience. First of all, spamming might greatly compromise your posts’ quality, and second of all, there will come a point—if you spam— that people might just block your posts, no matter how well you did.

Stirring up hype but not delivering

As far as Facebook marketing mistakes go, this one is less about the actual marketing and more about how you follow through with your Facebook marketing. It’s like advertising an action movie full of pain and gore and then showing off a YouTube clip of a man getting a nosebleed and stubbing his toe. People really don’t like being duped or misled, and even if it was not your intention to do so, customers can actually look at bad products and services then accuse you of false and misleading advertising. The moral: If you can talk the talk, make sure you can also walk the walk.

Tips for Better Facebook Marketing

Get interactive

Running a contest in Facebook is not as simple as you would first think, but the fact is that they do work. What you aim to accomplish with your contests is up to you, whether it is to increase customer satisfaction, gather information, or simply to break out of normal routine. The main idea is to get your audience to interact with you as well as each other, because the comments and reviews of satisfied customers can take you a long way.

Talk with your fans

On a slightly related note, the communication between you and your customers or “fans” in Facebook is very important. This is because people expect Facebook to give them instant access to you and your services, which basically means that if they post a comment asking a question or complaining about something, they expect to be attended to right away. Don’t let customers sit fuming for a long time because they can use Facebook for more than just liking your posts.

Don’t just rely on Facebook

It may seem contradictory to have this point in this article, but the fact is that the best way to conduct Facebook marketing is to use it alongside other media. Have your strategies work together— Twitter and Facebook, for example—and not just as separate marketing strategies. You’d find that they work better this way.

In the end, Facebook may eventually lose steam as one of the primary social media sites and therefore lose its potential as a marketing tool. However, that hasn’t happened yet, and while it is important to plan ahead into the future, you also have to look into today. So if you find that your Facebook marketing just isn’t up to par, then it’s up to make some changes.

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